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Sreemanti Gijare

Healingwithsree, UAE


Sreemanti Gijare is an eminent luminary in the holistic health domain, radiating a transformative influence. With a master's degree from IIT Kharagpur, India, and a distinguished 15-year career as a Geoscientist in the corporate arena, she embarked on her illustrious journey.
Her unwavering commitment to health and healing has garnered her a constellation of accolades, including the prestigious Gulf Achievers Award for Best Clinical Expert, the revered WonderMom Healer Award, the globally acknowledged 2023 World Peace and Humanity Award, the Inspire Wellness Leadership Award, the UAE's Mastermind Award for her outstanding contribution to Wellness, and the E-preneur Icon Award for her remarkable business achievements.
Sreemanti's multifaceted expertise encompasses weight management, addiction recovery, phobia eradication, allergy control, diabetes management, migraine alleviation, and chronic pain relief. Furthermore, she possesses profound insights into psychological well-being, addressing issues like anxiety, depression, and relationship counseling.
Sreemanti's holistic approach empowers individuals to unlock their subconscious minds' potential, leading to physical and mental harmony and a life teeming with health and fulfillment. Notably, she has authored a book available on Amazon that delves into these transformative insights, extending her impact beyond her clinical practice.

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